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High Performance Networking with Ton van de Ven

High Performance Networking with Ton van de Ven

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Taking action for 12 weeks means creating results!
This is High Performance Networking in a personal consultancy program with Ton van de Ven.

Weekly at a fixed time, 60 minutes of contact with Ton.
Together, you discuss which networking opportunities exist and what specific actions you can take each week.
Ton will show you how to clearly map out your network and which result-oriented actions are important.

Think, for example, of:

  • How does the network perceive you online & offline, does this image match?
  • Who can I contact: existing and new clients and how do you do this
  • In addition, Ton answers all questions about networking and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various networking methods. We also schedule networking events and business events that really deliver results.
  • Taking action creates results!
12 weeks program:
  • 12X Personal meeting (60min) with Ton van de Ven
  • Visit 2X Networking events + 1X FREE access INC. Event
  • 1X Live day (4 hours) to discuss results and create a network action plan for the future.

Start: Once payment is made, we will schedule the first appointment within 48 hours.
End: After 12 weeks
Cost € 4000,- excluding 21% VAT
Personal Consultancy Program: High Performance Networking with Ton van de Ven

This opportunity is particularly interesting for companies looking to do business in the Netherlands.

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